SFUSD School Times - President's Address


This week, the San Francisco Examiner published my quarterly address as School Board President. Read about how during my two terms, student achievement has increased, truancy is on the decline, and there is a new spirit of collaboration at the SFUSD. I am running to bring this style of leadership and record of results to the Board of Supervisors.

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Building Consensus, Getting Results

Dear Friends,

I am proud of the reputation I’ve earned as an independent voice and a bridge-builder that gets results. 

Over the past eight years, I have run two positive and overwhelmingly successful campaigns for the San Francisco Board of Education.  Both times, San Francisco’s major print media acknowledged my leadership style.

SF Examiner 2004 endorsement:

“Yee would be a strong advocate... He has said he wants to build consensus on the school board, and bring it to a middle ground instead of polarities.”

SF Chronicle 2008 endorsement:

“Yee is …credited with helping to calm the once-fractious board. He is a reasonable, capable listener, no small thing in a world driven with special interests, frequent crises and strong personalities.” 

When I declared my candidacy for District 7 Supervisor, all of my colleagues on the Board of Education endorsed my campaign, as have the majority of the Board of Supervisors.

I am running for the Board of Supervisors to grow San Francisco’s economy, promote healthy neighborhoods, and return fiscal accountability to City Hall.

Most importantly, I plan to bring my same leadership style that worked on the Board of Education into City Hall.  As your District 7 Supervisor, I will continue listening to my constituents, building bridges among my colleagues and getting results.

Yours truly,



Norman Yee Joined by Jane Kim and Phil Ting For West Portal Day of Action


Today, San Francisco Board of Education President and Candidate for District 7 Supervisor Norman Yee was joined by City leaders and District 7 residents for a day of action in the West Portal neighborhood.

San Francisco Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting, San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim and a crowd of supporters gathered near the West Portal MUNI tunnel in a show of support for Norman Yee’s campaign for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.  Following a short rally, volunteers entered the West Portal neighborhood to knock on doors and talk to voters.

Holding a large stack of signed endorsement forms Norman Yee said to the crowd, “Thank you to my neighbors and the many District 7 residents who have supported my campaign.”

“I am proud to support Norman Yee for District 7 Supervisor and look forward to working with him to make our City stronger next year,” said Supervisor Jane Kim.  She went on to discuss Norman’s record of results, “I worked closely with Norman on the School Board to narrow our achievement gap, lower our truancy rate and support our children and families city-wide.”

Since declaring his candidacy, Norman held over 20 District 7 house meetings, collected signed endorsement forms from over 300 District 7 residents and community leaders and was the only candidate in the race to collect 1,000 valid petition-in-lieu signatures from registered voters in District 7.


San Francisco Students Make Strong Academic Gains


San Francisco Students Make Strong Academic Achievement Gains

August 31, 2012

Two-term Board of Education President Norman Yee stood with Superintendent Richard Carranza and members of the School Board to announce that San Francisco’s student test scores remain on the rise.   As a result, San Francisco retained it status as the top rated urban school district in the State of California. 

“I am proud to say that San Francisco is leading the state in raising our test scores, increasing student enrollment and closing the achievement gap.  In spite of years of budget cuts, we have kept our focus on students’ learning and it shows,” said Board of Education President Norman Yee.

The results are based on today’s release of San Francisco’s 2012 standards-based test scores.  For the past eight years, the San Francisco Unified School District experienced an improvement in proficiency rates for both English Language Arts and Math.   Over the past five years, African-American and Latino students demonstrated a double-digit improvement.


Student Truancy Rate in San Francisco Continues to Decline


Student Truancy Rate in San Francisco Continues to Decline

President of the San Francisco Board of Education Norman Yee joined District Attorney George Gascon at Philip and Sala Burton Academic High to announce an ongoing decline in student truancy.

This decline is attributed to a successful and ongoing partnership between the District Attorney’s Office and the San Francisco Unified School District. As a result of this partnership San Francisco has seen a reduction in truancy while the statewide rate has increased.

“We want to raise student attendance to the level that puts the DA’s Office out of the business of enforcing truancy,” School Board President Yee said today.


Let's Uphold What's Right for San Francisco

This campaign season, I have been stressing the need for city policies that create safe neighborhoods and healthy families. San Franciscans want a city government and leaders they trust to create those conditions.  

On December 31, 2011, Ross Mirkarimi broke that trust. Over the past eight months, Mr. Mirkarimi has continued to resist charges of official misconduct brought by Mayor Lee and the City Ethics Commission, despite pleading guilty to a misdemeanor related to his domestic violence incident.

Now it is time for the Board of Supervisors to do what's right. Soon, they will be voting on whether to allow Mr. Mirkarimi to return to the Sheriff's office or be permanently removed from office.

We need to safeguard San Francisco's future now. As a husband, a father, and a community leader, I cannot condone allowing Mr. Mirkarimi to continue as our top law enforcement official. I therefore call on the Board of Supervisors to permanently remove Mr. Mirkarimi from office. In my 35-year career in service to our City's young children and families, I have personally witnessed mothers coming to my organization for help with domestic violence issues. From these encounters, I know first hand the physical and emotional damage that instances of domestic violence can cause.

Let's uphold the public trust. Let's uphold what's right for San Francisco's families.

Norman Yee


Ocean Avenue Fire


Letter to the Community Regarding the Ocean Avenue Fire

August 7, 2012 

My heart goes out to those affected by the fire that occurred this morning along the Ocean Avenue corridor.

Upon learning of the incident, I joined Mayor Ed Lee, Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White and Police Chief Greg Suhr to survey the damage.  It was with great sadness that I learned that nine businesses experienced a near total loss and two firefighters were harmed as they demonstrated tremendous bravery in entering the burning buildings.

Having lived in the neighborhood for decades and having run a small family business, I will be fully supporting my community to recover from this devastation and help our local merchants re-open for business.  I am pleased that the Mayor has pledged to allocate all necessary City resources as well as work with the Ocean Avenue Community Benefit District to help the small business owners get back on their feet. 

I find solace in the fact that the community has completely revitalized the Ocean Avenue corridor in recent years and know that it is in this spirit that the community will rebuild once again.

 Your Neighbor,

Norman Yee